Kelley Weitzel

Workshops for KIDS

What makes learning fun? Talking, Hands-on Exploring, and Doing!

Kids get to experience all three in my Timucua Indian Workshops. They work together in groups to share what they know about the Timucua - and what they want to know. No lectures here! I bring plenty of hands-on materials - things you might expect to find in a Timucua village three hundred years ago - animal furs and bones, pottery, baskets, gourd buckets, shell tools - and the students can handle it all. They can even try on a deer fur to get a feel for native winter-wear. If the program includes an archaeology component, the kids work together using clues - either hands-on or via powerpoint slide - to discover secrets about Florida's past. Talking, Hands-on Exploring, and Doing...that's what makes learning fun! And that's what you'll find in each of my student workshops. Visit the links section on the lower right of this page to set up a workhsop at your school today!


Thank You Note from a December 2005 visit to an Apopka Elementary School. Program was accompanied by an author reading about a Fire-Drive Mammoth Hunt. See the mammoth? See the fire? See the learning?

Workshops for TEACHERS

The Timucua and FL Fictions Workshops for teachers are heavily hands-on, assisting your learning process by actually DOING.

The Timucua Workshop is similar to that for the students, with a little more focus on content. You'll be trying all of the kids' activities so that you'll be able to replicate them in your classroom. DOING is LEARNING!

In the Florida Fictions workshop, you'll play games like FL Fictions Bingo or FL Fictions Jeopardy to help familiarize you with the FL Fictions you might use in your classroom. You'll also visit eight different Activity Stations - trying activities that support books in the FL Fictions Resource Guide - activities easily transferable to your classroom. These workhshops are designed to be FUN - to make your professional development efforts a pleasure. To schedule a teacher workshop at your school, contact me via the links section at the lower right of this page!

Teachers receive a partial Resource Guide in hardcopy as part of the workshop. The full Teacher Resource Guide on CD can be purchased at a discount by workshop attendees!

Selected Works

Teacher Resource Guide
Want to teach science and social studies while building literacy? This CD Teacher Resource indexes children's books set in Florida according to time in history, geographical location, culture, social isssues, science concepts, and more!
Books for Kids
Archaeology is a Detective Science! Learn about Florida's early Timucua People by challenging yourself with more than 40 fun Detective Directives! What can you discover?
Explore prehistoric Florida through stories and facts - meet the Timucua, the Calusa, the Apalachee, and Florida's earliest Paleohunters! Fictional chapters allow you to experience mammoth and shark hunts, a shipwreck at sea, and an Apalachee ball game called "The Little Brother of War"!