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FL Fictions Workshop Overview

Science is finally on the FCAT; social studies isn't yet, but both topics are vitally important to each student's education. How do teachers squeeze science, history, and environmental topics into an already crowded curriculum? Fictional books set in Florida are the answer! These books can introduce students to the habitats, wildlife, cultures, and environmental issues throughout the state.

Planning a unit on mangrove habitats? Reading Florida books that take place within the mangroves - like Freedom River or Manatee Blues - would be a great introduction. Or perhaps Fire Ecology is your focus. A Land Remembered or The Talking Earth would provide a great introduction. But how can teachers pinpoint these scattered resources?

Help is on the way! This workshop integrates science and social studies with language arts through Florida fictions. Participants receive a hardcopy partial Teacher Resource Guide to used during the workshop and keep for use in their classrooms. They can also purchase a discounted FULL Teacher Resource Guide on CD, including student activity booklets, a cross-referenced book index, and FCAT-friendly support materials. During the workshop, teachers learn to integrate the Resource Guide into their curriculum by visiting hands-on stations where they try fun, book-related activities they can use in their classrooms. After exploring the stations, they'll compete at FL Fictions Jeopardy, building familiarity with books that highlight their region and interests. Great for classroom and non-traditional educators! (1.5 - 3 hours)

Florida Fictions
for Kids

Sample Entry in the Florida Fictions Teacher Resource Guide (1 of 130+ books):

Title: Journeys with Floria's Indians
Author: Kelley G. Weitzel
Gender of Protagonist: Male
Number of Pages: 200
Periods in History: 12,000 years ago, 1519, 1562
Areas of State: NE FL, South FL, NW FL
Habitats: Forest Hammock, Coastal, Pine Flatwoods
Cultures: Timucua, Calusa, Apalachee, Paleo-Indian
Social Issues: Bullies, Imperialism, Slavery
Science Topics: Storms, Sharks, Agriculture
Hobbies: Fishing, Canoeing, Hunting, Ball Games

Teacher Resource Guide indexes 100+ Books across these parameters and includes Classroom Activities and Student Activity Booklets. Available on CD for $24.95 + Postage and Handling.

Educator Response to Lending Library Kits Created Using the Teacher Resource Guide:

August 4, 2005
Dear Kelley:

Cindy brought the two Florida reading libraries to me today. They are both absolutely terrific! While I saw many selections that I had read, I found several that were new to me. I feel like being selfish and keeping the box for my own use before putting it on the lending library checkout list! Thank you so much for developing and sharing this wonderful resource with us. Everything that you do is of extremely high quality; this is a welcome addition to the other resource boxes that we previously received from you.

Thanks again,
Vicki Crisp
Program Development and Training Specialist
Northeast Florida Educational Consortium

Selected Works

Teacher Resource Guide
Want to teach science and social studies while building literacy? This CD Teacher Resource indexes children's books set in Florida according to time in history, geographical location, culture, social isssues, science concepts, and more!
Books for Kids
Archaeology is a Detective Science! Learn about Florida's early Timucua People by challenging yourself with more than 40 fun Detective Directives! What can you discover?
Explore prehistoric Florida through stories and facts - meet the Timucua, the Calusa, the Apalachee, and Florida's earliest Paleohunters! Fictional chapters allow you to experience mammoth and shark hunts, a shipwreck at sea, and an Apalachee ball game called "The Little Brother of War"!