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My Books and More!

Florida Fictions for Kids

Florida Fictions for Kids blends the fun of reading regional mysteries, adventures, and dramas with the content information kids need to pass the FCAT – and to succeed in life. In this new Teacher Resource, each of 130+ Florida fictions is indexed according to genre, geographical setting, time in history, environments, cultures, social issues, science topics, page length, gender of the main character, and more. In addition, curricula, maps, and activity booklets provide educators and students with the tools they need to master the Sunshine State Standards – and have fun doing it! Purchase this resource on CD - only available through this website. ($24.95)

The Timucua Indians - A Native American Detective Story

The Timucua Indians - A Native American Detective Story leads 3rd-6th grade readers on a detective quest through 16th century Florida. Readers learn to speak the Timucua language, hunt 25-foot alligators, and excavate a Timucua trash midden, while solving 40 other cool history mysteries that introduce young readers to this early Florida culture. Winner of a 2001 Florida Historical Society Award. (Paperback $12.95) Also available at bookstores.

Journeys with Florida's Indians

Journeys with Florida’s Indians leads 4th-8th grade readers on a 12,000 year journey through Florida’s native history. Experience a Paleo-Indian mammoth hunt, an Apalachee ball game, and the first meeting between the Timucua and the French! Factual chapters, engaging fictional tales, & over 50 illustrations bring ancient Florida to life for young readers and adults alike! Winner of a 2003 Florida Historical Society Award and the 2003 Royal Palm Award from the Florida Writer’s Association. (Hardback $24.95) Also available at bookstores.