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Journeys with Florida's Indians

Explore prehistoric Florida through stories and facts - meet the Timucua, the Calusa, the Apalachee, and Florida's earliest Paleohunters!


“There it is!” Calos yelled. A hundred footsteps from the canoes, a gray fin cut the surface of the water then disappeared. A boy in each canoe scooped fish entrails into the water, leaving a bloody trail to draw the shark. Every man and boy stood ready, a tethered spear or rope lasso in hand. The fin came nearer, then disappeared again.

A chilly wind blew, rippling the surface of the water. Then the ripples dissolved, split by a dark gray fin. “Look!” Calos shouted. The boy pointed as the fin passed a nearby canoe, then he scooped more entrails into the water. The shark turned quickly and swam towards the bait. Calos threw his lasso, then pulled the palm rope to tighten it around the shark’s tailfin. A man lassoed the shark’s head while other hunters attacked the shark with spears.

Suddenly, the water erupted. The shark thrashed against the men’s lassoes and spears, splashing saltwater and spray in every direction. Calos’s canoe rocked sharply. He fell backwards into the water….

Find out what happened to Calos by reading this book!