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The Timucua Indians - A Native American Detective Story

Archaeology is a Detective Science! Learn about Florida's early Timucua People by challenging yourself with more than 40 fun Detective Directives! What can you discover? Try one below!

Learn to Speak Timucua - 3 Language Rules

1)The Timucua language added many meanings to the end of words. For example, instead of saying “his corn,” they said, “corn-his” (tapola-si).

2)To say "the," they added "-ma" to the end of a word. sun = ela, the sun = ela-ma. “-ma” always goes at the very end of the word.

3)To make a word plural, we add “-s.” The Timucua added “-care.” (ka-reh) alligator = itori, alligators = itori-care. [Answers at bottom of page.]

Vocabulary List With Pronunciation Guide

Daughter = amita (ah-me-ta)
Deer = honoso (hoe-no-so)
Dog = efa (eh-fa)
Grape = bihi (be-he)
Happy = isaco (ee-sa-ko)
His/Her = -si (see)
I am = hontala (hone-ta-la)
Teacher = quachi (kwa-chee)
The = -ma (ma)
Plural = -care (ka-reh)

Try to translate these words into Timucua!

1) Deer ____________________________
2) The deer ________________________
3) Her daughter ____________________
4) Daughters _______________________
5) Grapes __________________________
6) The grapes ______________________
7) His dog _________________________
8) The dogs ________________________
9) I am happy. _____________________
10) I am his teacher. ______________

ANSWERS: 1) Honoso, 2) Honoso-ma, 3) Amita-si, 4) Amita-care, 5) Bihi-care, 6) Bihi-care-ma, 7) Efa-si, 8) Efa-care-ma, 9) Hontala isaco. 10) Hontala quachi-si.