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My Books

The Timucua Indians - A Native American Detective Story

The Timucua Indians - A Native American Detective Story leads 3rd-6th grade readers on a detective quest through 16th century Florida. Readers learn to speak the Timucua language, hunt 25-foot alligators, and excavate a Timucua trash midden, while solving 40 other cool history mysteries that introduce young readers to this early Florida culture. Winner of a 2001 Florida Historical Society Award. (Paperback $12.95) Also available at bookstores.

Journeys with Florida's Indians

Journeys with Florida’s Indians leads 4th-8th grade readers on a 12,000 year journey through Florida’s native history. Experience a Paleo-Indian mammoth hunt, an Apalachee ball game, and the first meeting between the Timucua and the French! Factual chapters, engaging fictional tales, & over 50 illustrations bring ancient Florida to life for young readers and adults alike! Winner of a 2003 Florida Historical Society Award and the 2003 Royal Palm Award from the Florida Writer’s Association. (Hardback $24.95) Also available at bookstores.