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Kids, Teachers,
and Parents

Want to learn more about Florida's Timucua Indians? You're on the right website! You can...

* Find out about My Books,
* Download Free activities & lesson plans
* Schedule student and teacher workshops - after Covid permits large group gatherings.

Meet Kelley Weitzel MacCabe:
I'm a North Florida native with a BS in Biology and an MA in Literature. For 15 years I worked as a professional naturalist teaching kids and adults about Florida nature and native history. Some semesters, I've taught college courses in Creative Writing, Freshman Composition, and Intro to Literature. And - as an educational consultant - I've provided workshops for teachers, librarians, and students about Timucua Indians, Florida Fictions for Kids, and FCAT-Friendly Activities. I've created a middle grade curriculum called "Timucua Technologies," for the Florida Public Archaeology Network, including hands-on science activities that allow students to experience the technologies developed by early Floridians, including pottery coiling, rope weaving, flounder gigging, and hut thatching. It also investigates technologies used to study native cultures, including midden excavation, biotechnologies, and historical documents. Look for these lesson plans at 


For the past 5 years, I've jumped into elementary education, building a STEAM program at Yulee Primary School from the ground up.  Our Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math activities have always been hands-on, with every child working with his or her own materials.  During Covid, I've reinvented the program so that we can teach fun, engaging STEAM lessons hands-free.  When I'm not creating STEAM lessons, I manage the school's Media Center and teach Library programs to 650 students each week.  This year, I'm also creating online lessons in Library and STEAM for our virtual students. 

Interested in a Student or Teacher Presentation? (After Covid permits large group gatherings.  Currently, I am not scheduling in-person presentations.  Be safe and healthy!)

Timucua / Native History Presentations:

For 15-200 Elementary Students: Interactive presentation about Timucua Culture. If less than 60 students, a hands-on segment with native artifacts and activities is included. If greater than 60, a reading of "The Mammoth Hunt" from Journeys with Florida's Indians is provided. (1.5-2 hours)

For <60 Teachers: Teachers participate in Interactive Discussion, receive instruction on Timucua Engravings, and experience Hands-on practice with Timucua Activities for the Classroom. (1.5-2 hours)

Email the Author to arrange a Presentation by clicking on the right sidebar link.  (In-person presentations are unavailable during Covid.  They will resume after Covid permits safe large gatherings.)